The Luther Burbank Centennial

Luther Burbank

March 7, 1949, marked the 100th anniversary of Luther Burbank’s birth.  For half a century or more, the public schools of the nation taught the children in the lower grades

Transplanting Success With Peat Pots

Transplanting Peat Pots

The spring garden is coming along fast and needs immediate attention. Moisture is abundant, for the winter brought good seasoning weather throughout our area.  April activity centers around bedding plants,

Gardening Words And Terms You Will Meet

gardening glossary words

Here are some examples of the words and terms you’ll come across when gardening. Learn what they mean here. Heel In  When nursery stock cannot be planted for several days,

Modern Science Helps Plant Propagation

Plant Propagation

Regarding labor-saving devices, the amateur gardener has not been forgotten.  Hoping for a break from the elements is as passe as the recipe that calls for a dash of this

A Lesson On Simple Grafting Procedures

simple grafting procedures

The art of grafting has been known for over 2,000 years. In ancient times, those who knew this method of plant craft did not share their knowledge freely, for it

A Lesson On Plant Heredity

Plant Heredity

A study of heredity in plants almost always begins with a look at the work of Gregory Mendel. With no knowledge of exactly how it happened within the plant, Mendel

Keeping Your Own Personal Gardening Guide

Gardening Guide

MAY 18 – First flowers opened on ‘Little Gem’ alyssum in bed bordering rear walk-30 clays after sowing. Plants have a height and spread of three inches. May 25 –