I Rejuvenate the Old Plant

Rejuvenate Plant

Have you ever kept a Christmas poinsettia, wondering what to do with the almost leafless stalks? The plant can be saved, and it will bloom another year. Toward the end

A Liberal Philosophy With Plants

Plant Philosophy

I like to experiment to do things that can’t be done – to plant exotic trees and shrubs not recommended for gardens around Boston, and watch them grow, even after

Soybean Meal Fertilizer: Live and Learn

soybean meal fertilizer

Soybean meal has been so highly touted as a fertilizer that I traipsed to the feed store and returned with a 50-pound sackful. The meal smelled good, and believing anything

Is Wilt-Pruf A Good Winter Protector?

Wilt-Pruf Winter Protector

Tired of looking at unsightly burlap winter covers on your evergreens?  Spraying Shrubs With Wilt-Pruf You can banish burlap from the winter scene and protect your choice shrubs by simply

Answer: How To Use Bone Meal Fertilizer

Bone meal Fertilizer

Is bone meal fertilizer part of your gardening, growing toolbox? Growing plants domestically isn’t as cut-and-dry as allowing plants to grow in their natural habitat. One of the problems is

The September Garden Is Full Of Color

September Garden

The September garden, it is true, cannot match the great burst of bloom that comes with the spring, from the first crocus, scillas, and chionodoxa, on through the narcissus and