How To Use Natural Neem Oil As A Soil Drench or Soak

Man drenching potted plants with Neem Oil

There’s a long list of reasons why you should avoid chemical insecticides. Superbugs, the risk of harming beneficial insects, and other potential consequences often outweigh the potential benefits. However, neem

How To Kill Aphids on Hibiscus

Hibiscus trees and bushes is one of the most popular plants, and for a good reason. Their beautiful flowers, though short-lived, add an exotic touch to any garden or house

How To Use And Apply Neem Oil Insecticide

Man spraying plants in greenhouse with Neem Insecticide Oil

In recent years, gardeners have become increasingly frustrated by the emergence of superbugs – pests that have developed a natural resistance to pesticides. Insects are among the most adaptable, rendering

Controlling Thrips In Your Garden

There are more than 6,000 thrips species sucking the life from plants all over the world. Get rid of them naturally without resorting to toxic sprays by using these SAFE,

Know Your Plant Pest For Better Control

When controlling any plant pest you need to know the type of insect to give the right control. Knowing the difference between nocturnal (night feeding) and diurnal (day feeding) insects