The NO Rose That Blooms In Snow

Rose Blooms

It is, of course, the Christmas rose, the perennial whose beauty is further enhanced by a legend that is as delightful as the plant. We are told that when the

Hints For Growing Happy Hollies

Growing Hollies

The planting of a holly tree is much the same as taking a new member into your family, and quite naturally, you are looking forward to living together happily ever

Need Winter Be Drab?

Winter Drab

It is an easy matter to have a garden here in central New Jersey that looks fresh and lovely in the spring. If water holds out, it will also be

What Is The Memorial Rose? Rosa Wichuraiana

Memorial Rose

The memorial rose (Rosa Wichuraiana), one of the parents of the modern hybrid rambler roses, is the only truly procumbent rose species. This native of Japan, Korea, and eastern China

Growing Camellias in Pots

Growing Camellia

Camellias make excellent pot plants, and because of certain unusual cultural requirements, they are well adapted for growing on porches and sunrooms that are or can be closed in during

What Is The Washington Thorn Tree?

Washington Thorn Plant

Of the several hundred species of hawthorns native over the entire United States, one stands out prominently as an excellent ornamental tree. Crataegus phaenopyrum, the Washington thorn, does well all

Moving Native Trees… A Risky Investment

Moving Native Trees

Every fall and spring, thousands of native trees are dug from our woods for transplanting to home grounds. Usually, this effort is wasted. The trees seldom withstand the shock of