Growing Episcia Plants: How To Care For Flame Violets

Episcia cuperata the flame violet

Episcia cupreata (ee-PISH-ee-ah kew-pree-AH-tuh), commonly known as Flame Violet, is a herbaceous perennial plant. It’s native to Central and South America. It belongs to the Gesneriaceae (African Violet) family and

Why Not Grow Some Achimenes Plants?

Beautiful blooming Achimenes plant

Achimenes like the same care and culture as African violets and are equally rewarding. By comparison with the achimenes, the African violet is just an infant. First introduced to England

Growing Achimenes The Magic Flower

Attractive Achimenes flower

More beautiful than colorful herbaceous plants, as easy to cultivate as common perennials, more prodigal of flowers, except during the few months when it sinks into its winter’s rest, the