The Care Of Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Care

The Christmas tree is an important tradition in America. Practically all species of conifers or narrow-leaf evergreens have been used in one form or another for Christmas decoration. Well-Known Christmas

A Second Look At Your Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

During and even before, millions of evergreen trees are cut to use throughout the Christmas season. This must be why some people call them “Christmas trees,” whether in active growth

Flowering Trees From The Tropics

Tropic Trees

Much of the charm of Florida’s winter comes from the parade of exotic flowering trees that burst into bloom from November through March, when most of the country is in

What Flowering Tree Is That?

Flowering Tree

The orchid tree (Bauhinia variegata) is a handsome, small flowering tree from India which has made itself at home in equatorial areas throughout the world. Called other picturesque names like

What’s This About Flowering Crabs?

Flowering Crabs

To be considered a good ornamental, a  tree or shrub must possess several outstanding qualities. These may vary somewhat but, generally, they include beautiful flowers, attractive fruits, good foliage, hardiness

Golden Rain Trees… Give Joy In Every Season

golden rain trees

New Harmony, Indiana, stages the Antique Show also known as the Golden Raintree festival each June when its “Gate Trees” are in bloom! William Maclure, scientist, philanthropist, and joint founder

Try Planting Some Lilac Shrubs This Autumn

Lilac species

The common lilac, Syringa vulgaris, and its hundreds of forms and hybrids have always been garden favorites. Their beauty and fragrance have led horticulturists to expect too much from the