A True Tuberous Lily – The Gloriosa Lily

gloriosa lily flower

A true, tuberous lily that climbs by coiling its tendril-like leaf tips tightly around remote support. Gloriosa Lily flowers are frilled and wavy, the petals curved back sharply to show

Planning for Planting

planning for planting

I think July is the best month of the Year for anyone to take stock of their gardening and landscape operations. The weather usually works against doing anything that isn’t

Seasons Of The Iris

iris through seasons

I am convinced that a hobby helps to complete our enjoyment of life, and to me, there is no more safe, sane hobby than a garden, for the love of

How To Dig, Divide, And Store Dahlias


To prepare your dahlias for winter storage, cut the stems 6” inches or so above the ground after the first killing frost. Allow tubers to remain in the ground for