How To Kill Aphids on Hibiscus

Hibiscus trees and bushes is one of the most popular plants, and for a good reason. Their beautiful flowers, though short-lived, add an exotic touch to any garden or house

Gardenia Jasminoides Care

Fragrant bloom of the Gardenia jasminoides plant

There are two camps of flower enthusiasts: those who prefer low-maintenance plants those who will go the extra mile for high maintenance plants For the latter group, Gardenia jasminoides (gar-DEEN-ya

How To Use And Apply Neem Oil Insecticide

Man spraying plants in greenhouse with Neem Insecticide Oil

In recent years, gardeners have become increasingly frustrated by the emergence of superbugs – pests that have developed a natural resistance to pesticides. Insects are among the most adaptable, rendering

How To Use And Mix Neem Oil For Plants

Aglaonema plant indoors

Neem oil is generally considered one of the safest, most useful natural insecticides on the market. In its purest form, it is literally the oils extracted from cold-pressing various parts

Bidens Plant Growing and Care

flowering Bidens plant

Bidens (Bi’dens), most commonly known as Spanish needles, is a generic name for several flowering plants belonging to the Asteraceae family. The name, Bidens, comes from an amalgamation of two

How To Grow and Care For Fleabane Daisy Plants

Fleabane Daisy - Erigeron

Erigeron is a genus of perennials from the daisy family. People often mistake the colorful Erigeron flowers for true daisies or their close cousins Asters. Click on this article to learn more on growing Fleabane daisy.

What and How to Feed Plants

Garden flowers that do not attain the perfection of growth and the abundance of bloom expected may be suffering from hunger. Yet, too much fertilizer can be equally harmful.  Commercial