Paint a Picture with House Plants

Paint Picture Houseplant

Gardeners do not need paints to make a picture. With a palette of living plants, they can paint a memorable composition, drawing from a wealth of material that is both

Welcome Birds to Your Garden

Garden Birds

Recently while shopping at a garden center, I overheard a salesman suggest to his customer that she add a birdhouse to her purchases, which included insecticides, sprays, and dust. “I’m

Some Interesting House Plants For You To Try

Interesting Houseplants

Alternanthera This colorful, little Alternanthera is a lovely flower with narrow lanceolate leaves.  It makes a very effective edging plant. Its leaves, variegated with crimson, pink, green, brown, orange, and

Rugged Hollies Are Not Hard To Grow

Growing Rugged Hollies

One clear, cold December day, after a light fall of snow, I took a friend to see an unusual holly tree growing in a glade in the woods;  You came

Fluorescent Gardening

Fluorescent Gardening

The recent advent of the seemingly-intense indoor lighting with fluorescent bulbs has naturally caused many indoor gardeners to wonder if plants could be grown under this light.  According to extensive