Hedges For Many Purposes


Hedges may be formal or informal. A formal hedge is pruned with hedge shears to keep it to the desired form and size, while an informal hedge is allowed to

Both Veronica And Phlox

Veronica and Phlox

I have wide varieties of veronicas in my several borders, giving much of the all-summer color in my plantings. The tall blue flowered sorts double in hot, dry sections for

Summer In Winter


When leaves begin to turn and frost sears all but the plants near the house foundation, don’t you wish you could take just a little bit of summer into the

Life Within The Soil

Life Within Soil

Some of us wonder if you may care to tell us about the life tinder on the soil’s surface. We know that life there runs along for Mother Nature quite

5 Favorite African-Violet Varieties Why

African Violet Varieties

Here are the favorite African violet varieties: 1st AWARD: Joe Schultz Most men bitten by the African violet hug favor robust-type plants like Du Ponts, Supremes, and Amazons. I, too,

Wait For Spring Best Planted Now

Spring Planting

All gardeners like the Overton’s, who have experienced many spring seasons of gardening—those few short, rushed weeks when it seems as though everything has to be done—cherish the longer, unhurried

Shrubs Smile Trying Weather Conditions

Shrubs Smile

While every section of the country has its climatic vagaries, it would seem that the Midwest, that expensive region of the interior stretching from the hills of eastern Ohio west

A Lawn Grass That Can Take It

Lawn Grass

For an Inlander such as me, the bold productivity of the sea is a treat and a novelty. The twice-daily deposit of seaweed tangles and other flotsam, the wealth of

Ten Weeds Nation Worst Robbers Killers

Weed Killers

The finger was put on the nation’s ten top public enemy weeds today in an appeal for cooperation with enforcement agencies in fighting outlaw weeds and shrubs.  The U. S.

Lilies For Tomorrow


The popular expression, to gild the lily, means to attempt to improve something that is already perfect. Hybridizers, however, never believing that the lily could not be improved, have strived