Growing Jacobinia Plant


In our grandmother’s day, this plant was known as the plume plant or plume flower.  In today’s catalogs, among the several species listed Jacobinia cornea, relutina, and magnifica.  Great Plumes

Make The Most Of Your Summer Greenhouse

Summer Greenhouse

Two worthwhile ideas come to mind for making the most of summer in the small greenhouse. These are useful crops or tropical displays.  Permanent flowering plants, especially those which are

Facts About Soil For Beginners

Facts about Soil

Soil, the basic stuff of life, consists of the upper layer of the earth in which plants grow and obtain their food. It is formed by physical and chemical weathering

Pesticides For Protecting Your Garden

New Pesticides

Insects are not spontaneous. Those which suddenly attack your garden plants have probably been hiding during the winter.  Some hibernate as eggs on dry plant stems, some as worms in

The Graceful Golden Rain Tree

golden rain tree rates a festival

If you want a graceful, lacy tree festooned in midsummer with great sprays of yellow flowers, choose the golden rain tree (Koelreuteria paniculata) for your lawn or parkway. It is

The True French Tarragon

true french tarragon

Everyone who contemplates a few herbs in the garden wants to grow tarragon. However, beginners may not know that the desired form is the French tarragon, sometimes called “estragon.” It

Warbler Economically Valuable Native Bird

warbler economically valuable native bird

Birds serve to maintain balance in nature by keeping in check insects, rodents, reptiles, and amphibia, the overpopulation of any one of which could drive a man from great areas

More To Learn With Coldframe Gardening

more to learn with coldframe gardening

Cold frames should now be filled with tender material, awakening the final planting-out in the garden. Hardy and semi-hardy annuals and vegetables should all be in the garden by this

First Aid for Ailing Plants

first aid for ailing plants

Question: What is wrong with my raspberry bushes? Some of the leaves have turned dark green and curled. They bloom and produce berries, but the berries never fully develop. At

What Is Tip Blight on Midwestern Hard Pines

tip blight in midwestern hard pines

In recent years, a disease, steadily increasing in severity, has ravished many pine plantings. The Austrian pine is the most seriously affected species in the Midwest, with older trees dying