Geranium Problems – It May Be Overcare

Have you ever asked yourself: “Why can’t I get my geraniums to grow well?” “Why don’t my geraniums bloom well?”  I think in many cases, it is too much fussy

Growing Geranium Trees

geranium flower

Training slender-stemmed plants to a treelike or standard form is not a new gardening technique. But have you tried it with tree geraniums? One of the most striking patio displays

Growing and Care Of Plumeria Trees

flowers of the Plumeria tree

Have you ever gone on vacation and run into someone who seemed to fit in perfectly, only to realize they’re not really from around here? That seems to be a

How Often to Water Dracaena Plants?

Dracaena Corn Plant being watered with a shower head

Native to Southeast Asia, Dracaena plants are one of the most common household plants worldwide. With its dark green leaves spilling from the top, the Dracaena is one of the

What Causes Rotting Leaves On Christmas Cactus?

fusarium fungus Christmas cactus

The most important disease-causing problem for the Christmas cactus plant is caused by a fungus – Fusarium oxysporum. Stem lesions are water-soaked initially and rapidly enlarge to reddish-brown areas which

Christmas Cactus Plant Care: Tips For Blooming

flowering Christmas cactus potted

Botanically, Christmas Cactus is, indeed, a true cactus; but for its well-being, it really should have been given some other common name. The word “cactus” brings visions of extreme heat,