Dainty Dancing Oncidium Lady Orchids

Flowering Oncidium Orchid

Among the cultivated orchids the dancing ladies or dancing dolls are probably the daintiest and loveliest. Belonging to the genus Oncidium, they have long, graceful sprays of bright golden yellow

Can You Grow Spider Plants In Water?

Spider Plant in Water

Few houseplants are more iconic than Chlorophytum comosum (kloh-roh-FY-tum kom-OH-sum), better known as the spider plant. This plant is known for its white flowers, arched foliage, and almost spider-like appearance,

Can Anyone Grow Gloxinias?

Gloxinias For Everyone

During the past 10 years, the African violet has been the only house plant to gain more popularity than gloxinia.  A recent popularity poll made it the number two house

What’s In Your Home Greenhouse?

Home Greenhouse

Here is August, with sizzling sunshine and buzzing cicadas. While some greenhouse fans are fumigating and painting to make ready for the next season, some maintain a jungle atmosphere all

How To Keep Calla Lilies In Pots

calla lilies as pot plants

Are you an incurable window shopper like me? Some windows I manage to walk by – slowly, I admit, but flower shop windows stop me!  Because I live in a