Growing and Planting The Lettuce Patch

Lettuce Patch

Gardeners have been raising and eating lettuce for at least 2,500 years. Even though the particular varieties served at the tables of Persian kings around 500 B.C. may not be

Succeeding With Raspberries

Succeeding Raspberries

Raspberries are among the most satisfactory and rewarding fruits for home gardens where sufficient space is available.  Plants are relatively free from diseases and insects and are easy to maintain.

Home Vegetable Garden: A Simple Plan

Vegetable Garden

Home gardening provides pleasure and recreation as well as food — if the home gardener does not try to cultivate more land than he can take care of.  Ideal Conditions

Coldframe Gardening Now A Hotbed

coldframe gardening

This month, you can get a head start on spring by adding heating equipment to your cold frame. Any one of several methods of supplying heat will turn your hard

Amiable Bayberries


Amiable is the word for bayberries. They thrive in sandy, dry, sterile soil making pleasant, otherwise barren lands. Although never spectacular, they are decorative both in summer and winter when

Plant A Herb Garden For Flavor

Herb Garden

If you’ve never grown herbs, by all means, set aside a section of your garden, or borders along a path, or a little area not too far from your kitchen

A Freedom Garden Will Cut Your Food Bill

freedom garden cut food

When Secretary Clinton P. Anderson issued him a call for 20,000,000 Freedom Gardens in 1948, and the food conservation drive was getting underway. Food prices were soaring, and dark clouds

Should You Grow Your Asparagus From Seed?

Grow Asparagus

When we moved our vegetable garden 20 years ago to its present and permanent location, we luckily kept our asparagus bed going in the old garden.  I say luckily because

Soil The Black Magic Beneath Your Feet

Black Soil

Soil formation is a slow process that requires 10,000 years or more to form one foot of depth. The host soils provide 10′ feet or more effective depth for the