Welcome Birds to Your Garden

Garden Birds

Recently while shopping at a garden center, I overheard a salesman suggest to his customer that she add a birdhouse to her purchases, which included insecticides, sprays, and dust. “I’m

Rugged Hollies Are Not Hard To Grow

Growing Rugged Hollies

One clear, cold December day, after a light fall of snow, I took a friend to see an unusual holly tree growing in a glade in the woods;  You came

I Take Cuttings to Get New Plants

Cutting Plants

If you grow your new poinsettia plants from hardwood cuttings, you will find that they are easy to root and easy to grow to full, perfect flowers. This is the

What Is Wrong With Our Gardens?


Gardens are a little like people. Some have great personalities and charm; the majority make little impressions one way or another. Fortunately, gardens can be changed into what we want

Mulches For Winter Cover

Mulches for Winter Cove

In all the wide range of garden operations, there is probably none less understood than winter mulching.  9 out of 10 gardeners continue to use rule-of-thumb practices—some of them actually