The Graceful Golden Rain Tree

golden rain tree rates a festival

If you want a graceful, lacy tree festooned in midsummer with great sprays of yellow flowers, choose the golden rain tree (Koelreuteria paniculata) for your lawn or parkway. It is

Warbler Economically Valuable Native Bird

warbler economically valuable native bird

Birds serve to maintain balance in nature by keeping in check insects, rodents, reptiles, and amphibia, the overpopulation of any one of which could drive a man from great areas

What Is Tip Blight on Midwestern Hard Pines

tip blight in midwestern hard pines

In recent years, a disease, steadily increasing in severity, has ravished many pine plantings. The Austrian pine is the most seriously affected species in the Midwest, with older trees dying

Gardens Make Pictures

Gardens Make Pictures

A landscape is a picture that makes its own frame. Roofed by the sky, rimmed by trees, and floored with the solid earth.  Every part of a garden composes itself

Gardening As A Lively Art

gardening lively art

“We weren’t going to kill ourselves gardening,” said Lewis Gannett in his book “Cream Hill.” “Just a vegetable garden the first year and a few ferns was our motto. But

Taming The Woods

Taming the Woods

If you own a fine piece of woodland, you have three choices before you: to leave it a tangle of virgin growth, to “pretty it up” artificially, or to tame

A Thin Little Grove

thin little grove

There is often a strip of ground in a garden that can only be put to good purpose with more labor than we can devote to it. It may once

Types Of Broad-Leaved Evergreens

texture color broad leaved evergreens

In contrast to the needle evergreens, such as yew, pine, hemlock, spruce, and many others, the broad-leaved types are valued for their richly-textured foliage. Many have showy blooms, which add

Soil Makes The Rose

Good soil means good roses. However, what makes soil good is not simple; it is highly complex. There are three possible sources from which rose roots can extract their nutrients;