6 Ideas For Creating A Garden Privacy Screen


There are times in the garden we want to show off our hard work and creations! Then there are times we want a garden where we can have a backyard privacy. Below are links to give some backyard privacy ideas for adding the element of privacy to your garden.

Make A Lattice Privacy Screen On A Budget


Sometimes you need privacy screening to hide items like AC units and trash cans or keep away from prying eyes and neighbors you just don’t get along with. For whatever the reason you need something inexpensive privacy screen. This tutorial shows you step by step how it is done. [Project Details Here]

Placing A Backyard Fence or Screen For Maximum Privacy


Most homeowners enjoy their backyard and the privacy which can come from natural barriers like privacy trees, hedges, vines, and shrubs, but take time to become established. One solution is to add an outdoor privacy screen or privacy fence, while waiting for long-term plantings to mature. Melissa at the empressofdirt.net shares some tricks for placing screens to ensure maximum privacy. [Project Details Here]

Put Up a Privacy Screen

You many wonder what is involved in a project to install a privacy screen. Houselogic provides some privacy fence ideas on cost of the different type of “screens” available: Bamboo fencing, Lattice panels, Climbing plants and outdoor materials. One to check out before moving forward. [Details Here]

Deck and outdoor privacy screens are incorporated into the deck or picket fence designs.

Make a Privacy Planter With Trellis


There are times we need privacy, but due to our current living arrangements where space is tight it is made a little more difficult. Maybe something just needs to be hidden of of sight. Check out this privacy planter with a trellis built in from This Old House. It’s a stylish way to screen out the neighbors or buzzing AC. Downloadable plans on this easy to build planter. [Project Details Here]

Tips And Creative Ideas For Creating A Lattice Trellis Garden At Your Home


We’ve all seen homes with the lattice trellis on the side and thought how you would love to have one of those! Chris Long from Home Depot details exactly how easy it can be, and provides tips for you to do it yourself. This post covers styles, colors, and the types of plants and arrangements that are all up to your own personalization. Bring new life and beauty back into your yard and create your own lattice trellis. [Project Details Here]

Growing Your Own Privacy Screen


Those of you condo, apartment and townhouse dwellers who want some privacy, quiet time and reduce noise pollution on your balcony or terrace, it can be a challenge. Face it, you share stone walls, ceilings, patio furniture, and floors with other people. Fern Richardson at lifeonthebalcony.com offers some tips on creating that privacy screen… from plants to large planter boxes with bushy plants. [Project Details Here]