6 Tips To Prevent Ants From Invading Your Home and Lawn

When you get ants and other pests in  your home it can seem as though they just materialize in your house  like magic. Even worse, they tend to ruin things when guests  visit for things like cookouts and other get-togethers.

If you want to combat insects and other pests trying to get into your home or make your lawn unpleasant here is a simple battle plan from Maureen with The Home Depot Community Forums. This plan will help you go on the offensive against pests.

Know Your Enemy

There are many types of ants and  unfortunately ants can do a devastating amount of structural damage,  especially the Carpenter Ant.

The behavior of one type of ant may not  match the behavior of another, so you need to know just what kind of  ants (or other pest) you are dealing with. It helps to take a picture  of the ant and then send it to a local extension service to identify what kind of an you are dealing with.

This will help you use methods  specific to that kind of ant to get rid of the rest that are trying  to invade your home.

Clean Up

It is an irrefutable fact that if you  have a messy home you are more likely to have an ant problem. Ants  thrive in a messy environment whereas a clean environment is too  hostile and sterile for ants to survive.

One of the best things to do  if you have indoor pets is to use a mixture of water and vinegar  around their food bowls. This will repel ants from trying to steal  food rations. You also need to be sure that you are not simply  leaving food around for ants to go after.

Create a Perimeter

You can use an outdoor insecticide  spray to create a perimeter around your home’s foundation. You need  to make sure that the insecticide that you used is labeled as a  barrier treatment to ensure that is effective.


Get Rid of Their Tracks

If you have found a few ants in your  home then you can rest assured that there are more on their way. Ants  leave behind a scented trail that can be smelled by the rest of the  colony. This is how they are able to carry large quantities of food.

You want to use a one part water and three parts vinegar mixture  where you’ve seen the ants because this will throw the rest off of  the trail and leave them disoriented.

Destroy the Source

You can kill as many ants as you want  to but you are only dragging out the problem if you do not eliminate  the source: the entire colony. If you have seen scout ants then leave  behind some poisoned ant bait. They will take the bait back to the  colony and soon your ant problem will be kaput.

Take Back Your Yard

Remember that is your yard. You can  take the ants head on by using a family and pet safe insect spray  attached to your garden hose. You can also spread insecticides across  your yard to ensure maximum protection.

If you can stick to the supplied steps  then you can eliminate the pests that have taken over your home and  yard.