What Is The Resting Period For Christmas Cactus?

Question: I have been told that every house plant must have a resting period – some brief, some long. As the Christmas cactus blooms in the Winter and grows in the Summer, when does its resting time come?

Flowering Christmas cactus in windowPin

Answer: From the time the Christmas cactus is brought indoors in September until the first flower buds appear in December is the period during which the Christmas cactus should receive its rest.

This means a cool place, not too much sunshine. Keep the plants on the dry side, though not dry to the extent that the leaves or joints shrivel.

With the appearance of flower buds, bring to your plant to a sunny window and warmer temperature. Feed with liquid fertilizer until the first flowers open.

After flowering, another rest is in order. This involves keeping the plants on the dry side for six-eight weeks until Spring growth commences.