Do Roses Like Coffee Grounds And Bananas?

Are coffee grounds good for roses? Well, from experience a growing number of rose gardeners appreciate the blooms their plants produce when adding bananas and coffee grounds to their mulch or trench composting in their rose care program.

The best results for exquisite blooming plants over time is achieved through building the soil with organic matter by adding compost.

Natural compost adds beneficial nutrients to the soil working as an organic fertilizer. There are cost-effective tips that can make your roses bloom with banana and coffee grounds. It is therefore important that gardeners explore such tips in order to have an optimal rose blooming experience.

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Roses And Bananas

Coffee and banana peels are great additions to the garden compost pile. As they break down they add nutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus to the soil naturally building and improving soil quality.

Although composting is great, it is not required… coffee grounds and banana peels can be applied directly around the rose bushes without composting.

Bananas give roses the benefit of a reliable source of potassium. Left over bananas peels come in handy meeting the nutritional needs of the roses with potassium, helping boost the roses immune system.

In addition, it plays a critical role in helping strengthen roses to handle and survive damaging climatic conditions such as frost and drought. Lack of potassium leads to weak stems, yellow leaves with brown edges, and underdeveloped buds.

One of the easiest ways of adding banana peels is during planting. Place banana peels in the bottom of the hole prior to putting the rose plant in. Also, mix the compost with the soil around.

However, it should be noted that fertilizing roses with bananas alone will not be enough.

Roses and Coffee

If you do brew coffee, you can use your own grounds to spread around your roses. Coffee has a carbon to nitrogen ratio of about 20 to 1, making it a wonderful addition to help grow plants.

Here’s a few more “coffee benefits”:

  • The pH is neutral to acidic
  • Contains small amounts of nitrogen
  • Lightens the soil around
  • Attracts worms that aerate and loosen the soil
  • Helps deter some common garden pests like slugs and bacteria

Quite a number of Starbucks locations have bins of used coffee grounds that can be collected for use in a garden. Most coffee shops will do the same.

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Other Organic Nutrients

Other organic nutrients to add to the roses include epsom salts, crushed eggshells, and orange peels.

These materials decompose naturally and compost easily or added individually to the soil. They all play an important part in adding nutrients and building soil as soil amendments acting as almost a slow-release fertilizer.


Overall, the addition of banana peels and coffee grounds to your rose growing program is a viable and sustainable way of making sure your roses produce maximum results – flowers.

Using such solutions not only saves money on fertilizer but also promotes the use of “green” gardening.

Many rose growers appreciate the blooms plants produce by adding bananas and coffee grounds to their mulch or trench composting in their rose care program.Pin