Are You Misusing The Term Hardiness?


When we consider the selection of plants, the question of hardiness immediately arises.  Some hold the opinion that one particular plant is hardy, while others disagree and claim that another

Plant Names Can Be Intriguing

Intriguing Plant Names

What would you expect of a plant named Chittagong Chickrassy? Is it related to chickweed, or does it have to do with temple gongs and rickshaws? They tell us that

They Used Aluminum Foil Mulch

aluminum foil mulch

How would you like to harvest a crop of vegetables without weeding, watering, spraying, or dusting? Or grow off-season crops such as head lettuce in August or carrots ready to

Air-Layering Made Easy

air layering made easy

Anybody can do it! All it takes is a little bit of special plastic film called Polyethylene, a sharp knife, some moist sphagnum moss, and a little rooting powder.  With

Why pH is important

Important pH

Do you shy away from the term pH because it sounds mysterious and hard to understand? If you do, you’re missing a chance to grow better plants with less effort

Diagnosing the Problem

diagnosing the problem

Malnutrition in human beings is considered a disease. But, for some reason, we do not think in the same terms as plants.  Most gardeners feel that if a plant lacks

Which Is It – Hunger or Disease?

Plant Disease

Deficiencies of plant-food nutrients are usually indicated by a general reduction of growth in garden plants. Chlorosis or poor foliage color often is also apparent.  Likewise, the poor light and

The Luther Burbank Centennial

Luther Burbank

March 7, 1949, marked the 100th anniversary of Luther Burbank’s birth.  For half a century or more, the public schools of the nation taught the children in the lower grades