How To Grow and Care For Lilac Trees

lilac tree

The lilac tree, or common lilac, is a species of a perennial flowering multi-stemmed tiny tree that belongs to the Oleaceae family, which is the family of olive shrubs. The

How To Care For and Grow Succulent Agave Plants

Agave plants planted in the landscape

Agave (a-GAH-vee) is a perennial succulent that’s native to Mexico. It’s found in arid regions in the Caribbean and the Americas. The genus Agave, of the family Asparagaceae, contains over

Cornus Alba: The Beauty Of Tatarian Dogwood

attractive branches of cornus alba the tatarian dogwood

In selecting plants for decorative winter effects, do not limit your list to evergreens. Several deciduous trees and shrubs are outstanding for their beauty in winter. One of these, Tatarian

Old Garden Walls The Stories They Could Tell

old garden walls

Stone walls are among the most striking and picturesque features of the Irish landscape. Yet, their charm is only incidental since their purpose is utilitarian. These walls vary in age

Growing and Care Of Plumeria Trees

flowers of the Plumeria tree

Have you ever gone on vacation and run into someone who seemed to fit in perfectly, only to realize they’re not really from around here? That seems to be a