Growing and Care Of Plumeria Trees

flowers of the Plumeria tree

Have you ever gone on vacation and run into someone who seemed to fit in perfectly, only to realize they’re not really from around here? That seems to be a

Growing Creeping Phlox in Shade?

Blooming Creeping Phlox (Phlox subulata)

Question: Will creeping Phlox do well in a shaded location? My elm trees shade the bed where I want to plant some perennials that would do well. Can you suggest something

Growing The Yellow Sunny Knock Out Rose

Flowering Sunny Knockout Rose

The Sunny Knock Out® Rose (aka: ‘Radsunny’ RAD-sun-nee) is a perennial, deciduous rose developed by botanist Bill Radler of Wisconsin. It is a hybrid member of the Rosaceae family of

Bidens Plant Growing and Care

flowering Bidens plant

Bidens (Bi’dens), most commonly known as Spanish needles, is a generic name for several flowering plants belonging to the Asteraceae family. The name, Bidens, comes from an amalgamation of two

What and How to Feed Plants

Garden flowers that do not attain the perfection of growth and the abundance of bloom expected may be suffering from hunger. Yet, too much fertilizer can be equally harmful.  Commercial