How To Plant A Tub Garden

Cramped for space in your garden? The smallest yard is large enough for a tub garden.

All you need is a sound wooden or galvanized tub; if yours is galvanized, paint it inside and out with asbestos roofing paint. The tub should be sunk halfway into the ground and about half filled with good garden soil. Be sure your location is sunny.

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Planting Hardy Waterlines

Rootstocks of hardy waterlines are planted horizontally, as shown. One inch of soil is then spread over the top of the root and firmed down.

Pickerel rush, rear center, is just pushed into the soil, which is formed around it. The water hyacinth, right? floats but may also be anchored in the soil.

Tropical Water Lilies

Certain tropical water lilies, with smaller leaf spans, do well in tub gardens. They arrive with rootbound halls of earth and are pushed into the soil upright.

Varieties August Koch and Panama Pacific are ideal for this purpose. After planting, the soil is smoothed and tamped.

The Garden in Full Bloom

A 1-inch layer of sand over the soil will keep fish from stirring it up. Place burlap over the soil surface when water is added; remove later.

The completed tub is in full bloom, at right. A few natural rocks improve the appearance, and water snails and 3 or 4 small goldfish complete the tub garden.

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