How To Simplify Control Of Poison Ivy?

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Control of poison ivy is often a real problem for the suburbanite. However, it need not be tolerated since improved herbicides have become available. 

Eradication by hand pulling is exasperating, dangerous, and seldom effective. 

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Most chemicals designed for killing brush are effective against poison ivy, but desirable plants nearby may be injured by the volatile fumes even when the spray does not actually touch them.

Improved sprays, now available, are particularly effective on poison ivy and are safer to use. 

Using Amizol Spray

One such material contains aminotriazole, often called Amizol.

It gives off no fumes to injure nearby plants, is easily rinsed from spray equipment, and does not sterilize the soil. Caution must be used to avoid spraying desirable plants. 

Treatment is made in the spring, after leaves have developed fully, and can be made up until a week or two before the first expected frost date or until the leaves turn yellow.

Other Effective Improved Sprays

Other materials known as Estcron 245 and Kuron contain a low volatile 2,4.5-Tester. 

These have proven effective and economical in commercial apple orchards. By next spring, one of these, Kuron, will be available to home gardeners.

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