9 Simple Projects To Bring Your Backyard To Life


Many times when we visit the local garden center our goal is to find a way to battle the “pests” in our lawn, garden, patio or landscape.

However, there are times we want to attract “wildlife” like butterflies, birds, bees and bats to our garden.

All these “wild friends” provide numerous benefits from pollination to mosquito control. Check out the simple backyard projects and other wonderful backyard ideas below to bring some “wildlife” to your outdoor space.

Butterfly Feeder – Butterflies make for colorful additions to the garden but they play an important role in pollinating and are a blast to watch. By making this simple butterfly feeder you’ll be encouraging them to visit your garden. For more info about these DIY projects, see details here


Recycled Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder – This bird feeder is very simple to make. Two wooden spoons, a 1-liter plastic bottle, twine and a small screw. Another easy project to teach kids about nature and recycling. Get the kids started on this project here.

Bug Box – The word “insects” gets a bad wrap sometimes, not all insects are bad. This simple diy garden project combines bamboo canes, small branches, pieces of scrap wood to create perfect habitat for beneficial insects such as bees, spiders, lacewings and ladybirds. For step-by-step instructions, project details here…

Bee Box – Attract bees to your garden by providing them a “bee box” made from bundles of bamboo, nesting blocks or commercially-available paper tubes or cardboard. Holes should be approximately 5/16 of an inch or as close as possible. Locate bundle or nesting block where it is protected from excessive rain or snow. Check out  this do-it-yourself project at the Bee Box project here.


Slinky Bird Feeder – Most kids somewhere along the line got a slinky to play with. But you probably never thought about turning it into a bird feeder! A cool project to teach recycling and and get the kids involved! Recycle that Slinky here.

Bat House – You may be asking… Why would you build a house or anything to attract bats to your backyard? Did you know that a small bat can swallow up to 1,000 mosquitoes in one hour. Pretty cool small backyard landscape design idea for a DIY outdoor project. Build a Bat House here.

Natural Bird Feeder – This is a great project to get the kids involved in. An easy to create colorful, simple hanging bird feeder basket. All you need are a few simple items, ingredients and an orange, and you got a wonderful addition to the backyard design. Watch the video about this outdoor project below…

Martin House – One of nature’s other natural mosquito controls is the bird the Martin. This project recreates the Martin’s cup mud nests but made from a common craft project kids do in school using papier-mâché. Check the complete DIY instructions here.

Hummingbird Dripper – Party time for Hummingbirds. This, simple, easy to make dripper/mister can be added to your bird bath and then sit back an watch the show! Complete step-by-step guide for the hummingbird dripper project here.