5 Favorite African-Violet Varieties Why

African Violet Varieties

Here are the favorite African violet varieties: 1st AWARD: Joe Schultz Most men bitten by the African violet hug favor robust-type plants like Du Ponts, Supremes, and Amazons. I, too,

Favorites Among African Violets

Favorite African Violets

If you can grow an African violet successfully without getting the urge to start a collection, you ought to be psychoanalyzed. You’re different!” We are normal people. start with one

The Ultimate Guide To Growing African Violets

all about growing african violets

African violets are one of America’s favorite houseplants. So what are the secrets of their continued popularity?  They can be grown in a small apartment; they flourish in well-lighted window

African Violets: No Specialist Required

african violets no specialist no coddling

You don’t have to be a specialist to grow many African violet blooms without coddling.  You can still enjoy their cheerful bloom if you like African violets but shrink from