Drought Enduring Annuals In New England?

Drought Enduring

During the terrible New England drought last summer, some of my annuals put on a real demonstration of endurance.  Because May was very cold and wet here in Maine, it

Why Are These Plants Seldom Seen Annuals?

seldom seen annuals

Each summer for over a dozen years, I have grown one or more seldom-seen annuals in my central Missouri farm garden.  These adventures with seeds have been little work and

When Growing Bedding Plants, Make It Bold

Bold Bedding Plants

We hear a lot about bedding plants, particularly from English gardeners and tourists back from looking at English gardens, but what are bedding plants, anyway? Certainly not, as you might

One-Year Garden with Annuals

Annuals Garden

Many new homeowners who show excellent taste in furnishing their houses are at a loss when it comes to planting their grounds. Often, the chief reason for poor landscaping is

Can Baby’s Breath Grow From Grafts?

Baby's Breath Graft

For several years, we tried unsuccessfully to grow baby’s breath, Gypsophila paniculata, and in particular, the improved Bristol Fairy from grafted plants we bought.  Usually, before the weather was warm

It’s Biennial Time

Biennial Time

Since June is not, inevitably, “The Month of Roses” (I like to think so, too!), let’s face it and admit that in northern sections, at least a few roses are

More Extraordinary Annuals

more extraordinary annuals

Every year, besides the old standbys, I try something new. If it succeeds, I will continue to grow it.  Datura Suaveolens Among those I have tried and kept is (Datura)