More Extraordinary Annuals

more extraordinary annuals

Every year, besides the old standbys, I try something new. If it succeeds, I will continue to grow it.  Datura Suaveolens Among those I have tried and kept is (Datura)

Highlights Of Popular Annuals

1954 Annuals

Among the petunias I tried last year, my first choice goes to Black Knight, a Grandiflora type.  The plants were dwarf, sturdy, vigorous, and remarkably consistent in producing an abundance

Let’s Try Some Different Bright Annuals

Bright Annuals

Annual flowers are seldom appreciated as they should be, for they are the backbone of the summer garden. They are the answer to the renter’s prayer for some inexpensive bloom. 

The New Crop Of Annuals Or Rediscovered?

New Annuals

The challenge of the new and the untried makes the annual influx of seed catalogs a continual source of fascination.  Some of the so-called “new plants” are actually the result

Unique Annuals Which Like Late Sowing

Unique Annuals

There are several seldom seen unique annual flowers which grow best when sown on well-prepared beds in the late Fall or very early Spring. The seeds seem to prefer cool