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Chrysanthemums fans call their favorite the universal flower. And they aren’t far from right.  Whatever you ask of a flower—except fragrance—the chrysanthemum delivers. The forms of its flowers are endlessly

Tips To Grow Better Mums

Quality Mums

Even though fall is months away, it’s not too soon to start working for top-quality chrysanthemums to brighten up borders or foundation plantings. Regardless of the number of plants grown

How To Grow Plunge-Pit Mums

Plunge-Pit Mums

The English method for growing “plunge-pit” mums combines the advantages of both outdoor growing and greenhouse culture.  I have grown prize mums with this system, with certain modifications, for all

This Summer, Try Potted Mums

potted mums summer

The amateur gardener should try growing potted chrysanthemums outdoors during the summer. The process is simple, and the results are gratifying, even with minimal care. Besides, there are several advantages

Try Growing Hybrid Chrysanthemums From Seeds

Hybrid Chrysanthemums

If you want an interesting and exciting experience in seed sowing, try hybrid chrysanthemum seeds.  While looking through a chrysanthemum catalog in February 1958, I found mum seeds from Japan.

How To Have Mums From July Till Frost

Frost Mums

It’s high time for gardeners who still think of chrysanthemums as fall flowers to become acquainted with the newer varieties, which extend the season from as early as July until

Chrysanthemums for the Greenhouse

Chrysanthemum Greenhouse

If you like to color in the home greenhouse during the fall months, chrysanthemums are unsurpassed with their wide range of colors and forms.  In the garden, they provide the

Keeping Roses, Mums From Winter’s Toll

roses mums winter toll

In most of our areas, hard frosts have come by mid-November. Mild weather sometimes holds until Thanksgiving, leaving some hardier annuals such as snapdragons, stocks, sweet alyssum, lobelia, verbena, and

Tips On Winter Protection For Chrysanthemums

Winter Protection For Chrysanthemums

Eventually, we may have many varieties of gardens, often called hardy, chrysanthemums which are reliably hardy everywhere. At present, I know of no cut-flower variety, such as Lavender Lady, Red

There’s A Bonanza In Your Gift Mum

gift mum

Do you toss out potted chrysanthemums after they have finished flowering? If you do, you are throwing away a potential mum’s garden, for every plant will yield many cuttings for