Daylilies Work Landscape Color Wonders

daylilies work landscape color wonders

Thirty years ago, when my garden began, the first perennial planted was a clump of Lemon Lilies, Hemerocallis flava, taken from my grandmother’s childhood home. Some, planted near a pool,

Dependable Daylilies


Daylilies will grow almost anywhere. They will grow in full sun or under trees in every type of soil, from sand to clay, either wet or dry, and under every

Mecca for Daylily Fans

mecca daylily

The extensive grounds and gardens of F. Edgar Rice in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, were complete with separate daylily, rose, formal, and patio gardens knowingly designed and meticulously maintained – and was

Daylilies in the Landscape

Red and yellow daylillies

Years ago, miles of banks along the cuts and fills of Pennsylvania highways had been planted with daylily Europa. When more root divisions are needed, the highway planting crews merely

Plant Your Garden With Colorful Daylilies

Growing Colorful Daylilies

My interest in daylilies or hemerocallis started from the knowledge that they were among the few perennials that would grow well under the large trees on my property and from