What Is Tip Blight on Midwestern Hard Pines

tip blight in midwestern hard pines

In recent years, a disease, steadily increasing in severity, has ravished many pine plantings. The Austrian pine is the most seriously affected species in the Midwest, with older trees dying

Types Of Broad-Leaved Evergreens

texture color broad leaved evergreens

In contrast to the needle evergreens, such as yew, pine, hemlock, spruce, and many others, the broad-leaved types are valued for their richly-textured foliage. Many have showy blooms, which add

Sex In Yew

Yew Sex

Each fall, along about the first of October, several letters come to me requesting an answer to the question, “Why do my yews never have red fruit like those of

Evergreen Trees to Know and Grow

Evergreen Trees

The evergreen trees described on “The Beginning Gardener” page were the kinds most often used as Christmas trees.  There are others equally useful and beautiful—yew (Taxus), cypress (Cupressus), arborvitae (Thuja),

Moving Hollies to the Forefront

Hollies to the Forefront

In recent years, Hollies have taken the gardening public by storm. And why shouldn’t they receive attention after so many decades of neglect?  They are not difficult to transplant, as

Limits and Care of Broadleaf Evergreens

care broadleaf evergreens

Now that November, winds have shaken the last leaves from most of our trees. For the shrubbery, the heart of the broad-leaved evergreens gets the spotlight. These attractive plants, with

Need Winter Be Drab?

Winter Drab

It is an easy matter to have a garden here in central New Jersey that looks fresh and lovely in the spring. If water holds out, it will also be