Facts on Liquid Plant Foods

Liquid Plant Foods

Since 1950, liquid fertilizers have enjoyed a newfound and steadily increasing popularity among home gardeners.  This enthusiasm spotlights the power of modern advertising, for, lacking the impetus of the latter,

Crazy Fertilizer Idea Pays Off

Crazy Fertilizer Idea

If you stop to think about it, you can’t understand why it took so long for people to accept Tom Reilly’s “crazy” idea,  It was simple, as simple and natural

Balanced Diet For Your Lawn and Garden

Balanced Diet

What is a good lawn and garden fertilizer?  There have been many answers over the years, but from the frequency of weed-choked lawns, dead trees and shrubs, disease, and insect

Which Is It – Hunger or Disease?

Plant Disease

Deficiencies of plant-food nutrients are usually indicated by a general reduction of growth in garden plants. Chlorosis or poor foliage color often is also apparent.  Likewise, the poor light and

When and How To Feed House Plants

Feed Houseplant

To have happy house plants, it is necessary to know when and how to feed them. Even when a plant is growing in its proper compost, thought must also be

Tips On Lawn Care And Proper Feeding

Lawn Care

If the grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence, your neighbor is probably taking better care of his lawn. Your lawn, too, will be as green

Soybean Meal Fertilizer: Live and Learn

soybean meal fertilizer

Soybean meal has been so highly touted as a fertilizer that I traipsed to the feed store and returned with a 50-pound sackful. The meal smelled good, and believing anything

Answer: How To Use Bone Meal Fertilizer

Bone meal Fertilizer

Is bone meal fertilizer part of your gardening, growing toolbox? Growing plants domestically isn’t as cut-and-dry as allowing plants to grow in their natural habitat. One of the problems is