Persimmons Tasty Fruits For Home Gardens


American persimmons—those tasty fruits for home gardens. Wide-named varieties are now available as grafted trees, including some that yield sweet fruits weeks ahead of autumn frosts.  And we have found, contrary

Results With A Small Fruit Garden

Fruit Garden

I have a small fruit garden, which means more to me than a big orchard. But, at certain times of the year, it is as delightful to look at as

The Story Behind Dwarf Fruit Trees

Dwarf Fruits

Dwarf fruit trees, which have been grown for hundreds of years in Europe, are becoming more and more popular in this country today.  Since the trees are small in size,

What To Do With No Cherries?

Cherry Tree

You can be sure of a fruit crop even if you have only one tree. A few years ago, one of my friends asked me to bring some of my

What Are May Apples?

may apples

The Mayapples grow in the fresh sunshine with curious, awkward grace.  No walk through the spring woods or pastures would be complete without finding colonies of these plants. Their glossy

How I Developed A New Strawberry

New Strawberry

There are many hobbies, but the only one that interests me is horticulture. The particular aspect that I like is the growing of flowers and strawberries.  After I had gardened

Succeeding With Raspberries

Succeeding Raspberries

Raspberries are among the most satisfactory and rewarding fruits for home gardens where sufficient space is available.  Plants are relatively free from diseases and insects and are easy to maintain.

Amiable Bayberries


Amiable is the word for bayberries. They thrive in sandy, dry, sterile soil making pleasant, otherwise barren lands. Although never spectacular, they are decorative both in summer and winter when