Martha Washington Geraniums: Regal Geranium Growing Tips

Flowering Martha Washington Geranium

Lady or Martha Washington Geraniums might well be called the azalea-flowered geraniums because they rival azaleas in color, flower form, and brilliance.  Some varieties of these showy geraniums (classified as Pelargonium domesticum) surpass

12+ Geranium Care Tips – Questions and Answers

Wagon full on flowering Geraniums

Summary: The well-known bedding Geranium is immune to most insect pests. Its round, velvety, scented foliage is attractive with brilliant long-lasting flowers, is an excellent potted plant. There are many different

Geranium Problems – It May Be Overcare

Have you ever asked yourself: “Why can’t I get my geraniums to grow well?” “Why don’t my geraniums bloom well?”  I think in many cases, it is too much fussy

Growing Geranium Trees

geranium flower

Training slender-stemmed plants to a treelike or standard form is not a new gardening technique. But have you tried it with tree geraniums? One of the most striking patio displays