Tips On Ways of Winning With Gladiolus

Winning Glads

Three years ago, my wife Mary and I didn’t know the name of one gladiolus from another in our garden.  The North American Gladiolus Council was holding a glad show

How to Grow Prize Glads

Prize Glads

Whether you grow gladiolus for show or pleasure, you’ll want prizewinning beauties. So here’s my year-round plan for producing the kind of flowers you’ll be proud to display. Growing Calendar

What Is The History Of Fragrant Gladiolus

Fragrant Glads

For many years, fragrance in garden gladiolus eluded hybridizers. After various growers had spent 125 years obtaining fragrant garden gladiolus.  Dean William Ilerbert of England produced his hybrid, GLADIOLUS FRAGRANS—a

Why You Should Grow Gladiolus?

why not grow gladiolus

As a gladiolus enthusiast, I firmly believe there is no other flower with a better claim to a place in your backyard. Glads come in a greater variety of colors,

How Or Do You Judge Your Own Gladiolus

gladiolus plant

Have you ever wondered how your gladiolus would rate in a gladiolus show? Then why not judge your own? First, get out the catalog from which you ordered. It is