The True French Tarragon

true french tarragon

Everyone who contemplates a few herbs in the garden wants to grow tarragon. However, beginners may not know that the desired form is the French tarragon, sometimes called “estragon.” It

Let’s Raise Bamboo Sprouts

Raising Bamboo Sprouts

If there’s one commodity we won’t be short on, it’s bamboo sprouts. Some years ago, we received it from Beltsville.  Maryland station of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, some roots

Plant A Herb Garden For Flavor

Herb Garden

If you’ve never grown herbs, by all means, set aside a section of your garden, or borders along a path, or a little area not too far from your kitchen

Lady’s Bedstraw – A Christmas Herb

Lady Bedstraw

One of the plants closely associated with the Christmas story, and particularly with the manger in Bethlehem, is our lady’s bedstraw, a plant found rather commonly in the wild and

Rosemary, Herb of Christmas

Rosemary Herb

What happened to the rosemary that blended its silvery fragrance with the holly and mistletoe Once part of the holiday celebration, rosemary has been forgotten as a Christmas decoration. An

Use Wild Herbs For Flavor And Fragrance

wild herbs flavor fragrance

Before the landing of the Pilgrims, the  Indians on Cape Cod were dependent on the wild herbs for food, simples, and dyes.  The Pilgrim women brought herb seeds from their

Unusual Herbs For The Garden

unusual herbs for garden

Many of the plants in our kitchen or herb gardens are as familiar as the palm of a hand, or as comfortable as an old shoe — thyme and marjoram,