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Planting Holly

Many of the old gardens around Charleston, West Virginia, have beautiful red-berried American hollies, Ilex opaca, at Christmas time. I envied them but, living in a rented house, did not

American Holly Berries – A Birds Feeding Tray

american holly berries bird diet

The feeding tray serves as a convenient small stage on which we may observe the performing bird actors close at hand. Many birds—purple finches, evening grosbeaks. Cardinals, fox sparrows, towhees.

Holly Hardiness

Holly Hardiness

Much has been written in recent months on hardiness. The many facets of the term have been discussed with explanations of each, but I suspect there will continue to be

Moving Hollies to the Forefront

Hollies to the Forefront

In recent years, Hollies have taken the gardening public by storm. And why shouldn’t they receive attention after so many decades of neglect?  They are not difficult to transplant, as

Burford’s Holly

Burfords Holly

Burford’s Holly (Ilex cornuta Burford!) is one of the few hollies to perform satisfactorily the whole length of the West Coast.  It and the other hollies do superbly in the

What Hollies Can You Try in Cold Climates?

hollies cold climates

Last winter, the Eastern Seaboard experienced some old-fashioned weather for the first time in 6 years. The thermometer outside the kitchen window of our southern Connecticut home ranged well below

Possumhaw, a Deciduous Holly

possumhaw deciduous midwest holly

If the Possumhaw were better known and understood, it would be used much more than it is. Few shrubs or trees give so much color to a winter landscape. The

A Lesson About American Holly

American Holly

This is the season when American holly (Ilex opaca) reaches its peak popularity. The use of its shiny evergreen spine-tipped leaves and red berries has long played an important role

A Rare Holly Moonshine and Canary

Moonshine Canary

Canary, a new yellow-berried holly,  has bright yellow berries and dark green foliage and is the hardiest of the yellow-berried hollies. The parent tree, now destroyed, stood for many years