When Your House Plant Step Out

Step Out House Plant

Where are your house plants spending the summer?  Are they still in the house waiting for a breath of fresh air? Or have you set them under a tree—out of

These House Plants Live It Up Outdoors

Outdoor Houseplants

Many houseplants benefit from a summer spent outdoors. Move them into the open air when the weather is warm in spring or early summer, and bring them indoors well ahead

House Plant Hospital Called The Wardian Case

Houseplant Hospital

When people are sick, they are sent to the hospital, where under good conditions and watchful care, they recover their health.  Every plant lover realizes how much plants are like

Indoor Plants For Adventurous Gardeners

Indoor Plants

If you read the advertisements as well as the text in your favorite garden magazine, you surely have noticed the many types of greenhouses offered by the homeowner.  Some are

House Plants On Wheels

house plants on wheels

A flexible plant bench on wheels fitted with copper trays makes my venture with house plants easy and pleasant throughout the year. My husband designed and built a 3′ feet

The Curious Mimicy Plants

curious mimicy plants

Protective coloration and mimicry of surrounding objects so everyday in the animal kingdom are seldom encountered in plants. Few realize that a group of plants that best exemplify this interesting