Exploring the World Of Small Bulbs

Exploring Small Bulbs

Have you ever been curious about what many of the odd bulbs are in the bulb catalogs?  Did you ever try to get a few new ones each year? It’s

Propagating Lilies From Scales

Propagating Lilies from Scales

Have you ever tried to grow lilies from scales? If you haven’t, you have missed one of the most interesting gardening experiences. Many new hybrid garden lilies produce little or

The Golden Rayed Lily

Golden Rayed Lily

The golden-rayed lily of Japan, Lilium auratum, has been called the queen of lilies. It is regally tall and graceful, and its deliciously fragrant, waxy-white flowers have broad golden bands

Lilies Standard Species

growing Standard lily species

In your garden, be it large or small, there is no reason why you may not enjoy the exquisite perfection of hardy lilies. Even in a garden filled to over-flowing

Longer Life for Auratum Lilies

Longer Life of Auratum Lilies

In many parts of the United States, the lovely, fragrant auratum lily, the gold-band lily of Japan, usually lasts only one year. Why? The experts claim that this is one

The Regal Lily and Its Hybrids

Regal Lily Hybrids

The discovery of the Regal Lily (Lilium regale) in 1903 and its introduction into cultivation a year later stimulated great interest in lilies. Its discoverer, E. H. Wilson, wrote and