Lilies For Tomorrow


The popular expression, to gild the lily, means to attempt to improve something that is already perfect. Hybridizers, however, never believing that the lily could not be improved, have strived

Rose Yesterday Today Tomorrow

Rose Society

The year was 1953, the month of September. This month in the city of Columbus, Ohio. The American Rose Society is setting up its new headquarters. Its modern-style new home

Linnaean Anniversary

Linnaean Anniversary

Every year the 23rd of May marks the anniversary of the birth of Carl Linnaeus, who had a greater impact on botany than almost any other man.  Born in southern

What Are Golden Age Gardeners?

Golden Age Gardeners

Senior citizens who reside in Cleveland, Ohio’s Golden Age Center, are helping to develop a great arboretum in the nearby community of Mentor.  “Never too old to learn” is the

The Luther Burbank Centennial

Luther Burbank

March 7, 1949, marked the 100th anniversary of Luther Burbank’s birth.  For half a century or more, the public schools of the nation taught the children in the lower grades

Roy Grew Orchids From Seed To Flower

Roy Orchids

Roy Fields was a specialist in orchid seedlings. A native Floridian, he makes his home in the village of Miami Shores, where he grows orchids on a plot that is

The Plant Introductions Of Ernest Wilson

Ernest Wilson

If ERNEST H. WILSON, the Arnold Arboretum’s famous plant hunter, were alive today he would be about 140 years old. In the 80+ years which have elapsed since the date

New Slants On Growing African Violets

African Violets

Many years ago Atlanta, Georgia, was the great center of African violet interest on October 9 and 10, when enthusiasts from 20 states met for the first time at the