Growing The Old Time Chinese Primrose

chinese primrose

This charming winter-blooming plant was introduced into England in about 1820, where it was first grown as a tender garden plant. Later, improved forms of the Chinese primrose were developed

How To Care For And Grow Primrose Plants

Growing Primrose

One of the most familiar signs of spring is the Primula Vulgaris ‘Grandiflora,’ a semi-evergreen perennial that is first to bloom and provide a burst of vivid colors in gardens,

How To Grow Primulas From Seed

pink primula

Primulas are the natural aristocrats of all the spring flowers that gladden the eye, or so it seems to me. This is no suggestion that daffodils, tulips, scillas, and other

Primroses For Early Spring

primroses early spring

The very first days of Spring bring into bloom those appealing members of the primrose family called the Juliana hybrids. They are so named after their parent, Primula juliae, a

Primroses Charming Flowers Of Spring Eternal

primroses spring

In their eagerness to bloom, primroses are among the most charming flowers of spring. Yet they have other assets that are equally appealing. A fantastic collection of species and varieties

Primroses Their Cultural Requirements

Knowledge of the natural habitat of these plants will increase your success with them in the garden. A cool soil with constant moisture under the light shade of deciduous trees

A Look At Primroses Through The Seasons

primroses on seasons

We live near Philadelphia, and people still ask me whether primroses are hardy here. The answer is that they are, and for that matter, they are even harder in much

Growing Primroses From Seed In The Garden

growing primrose seed

Today many of us think of primroses almost entirely as potted plants where the two Chinese species, Primula obconica, and malacoides, are the most popular. Of course, if one has