I Take Cuttings to Get New Plants

Cutting Plants

If you grow your new poinsettia plants from hardwood cuttings, you will find that they are easy to root and easy to grow to full, perfect flowers. This is the

A Month to Study Plant Propagating

Studying Plant Propagation

A fascinating facet of gardening is the science of plant propagation. Gardeners consciously or unconsciously use one or more propagation methods in producing their garden plants. The simple act of

Growing Alpines From Seed

alpines from seed

Many amateur gardeners say that growing alpines from seed is a complicated procedure, not to be attempted in the home garden. I have grown thousands of alpines here in my

How To Have More Pyracantha: A Simple Way

enjoy pyracantha

Pyracantha (firethorn) has been popular in the Midwest for a long time, but the fact that this beautiful shrub resents root disturbance has restricted its wide use here as a

Hybridizing – Do It Yourself

DIY Hybridizing

Hybridizing or crossing plants to improve them is a fascinating experience that any home gardener may enjoy. The minimum requirements for hybridizing are a love of plants, a little space,

Tips On Propagating Plants in Home Gardens

propagating home gardens plant

Increasing shrubs and trees, especially the choice kinds, has long been considered beyond the reach of most home gardeners. The need for such special equipment as electric heating cables, thermostats,