Which Is It – Hunger or Disease?

Plant Disease

Deficiencies of plant-food nutrients are usually indicated by a general reduction of growth in garden plants. Chlorosis or poor foliage color often is also apparent.  Likewise, the poor light and

Facts About Soil For Beginners

Facts about Soil

Soil, the basic stuff of life, consists of the upper layer of the earth in which plants grow and obtain their food. It is formed by physical and chemical weathering

Soil Makes The Rose

Good soil means good roses. However, what makes soil good is not simple; it is highly complex. There are three possible sources from which rose roots can extract their nutrients;

Is Testing Home Garden Soils Important?

Testing Garden Soil

During the growing process, all plant life progresses from the first stage of seed germination, through several degrees of development, to the final one of maturity, when it puts forth

Soil pH Makes The Difference

Soil PH

“Dear Heart,” exclaimed Grandmother as she saw my offering of a Madonna lily bulb, “we can’t put a lily in this garden. It just wouldn’t be happy here.”  Grandmother knew

How To Use Lime An Indispensable Material

Lime Growth

Lime may provide the key to better plant growth in sections where the soil is acidic. Therefore the gardener in such areas needs to understand how to use this indispensable

Soil The Black Magic Beneath Your Feet

Black Soil

Soil formation is a slow process that requires 10,000 years or more to form one foot of depth. The host soils provide 10′ feet or more effective depth for the

Soil Conditioners — Old and New

Soil Conditioner

Agriculturists have long appreciated the important influence that the physical condition of soil has on plant growth. Old English expressions still commonly used in England refer to land as being