The Enduring Qualities of Clematis

clematis enduring qualities

Clematis is a subject that a gardener ought not to study too much, or they may be too frightened of trying to grow it. You may read that it is

The Friendly Vines: Accommodating Garden Subjects

Friendly Vines

Vines accommodate garden subjects. They’ll adorn a trellis, arbor, or pergola built especially for them. Or they’ll drape gracefully over an old stump, rock pile, fence, or shed, transforming an eyesore

Tips For Pruning Clematis Vines

Clematis Vines

Prune your clematis to make it look tidy and produce a burst of flowers. But first, find out if it blooms on old or this year’s wood. If it blooms

Is The Wild Cucumber Worth Growing?

wild cucumber

One of the most ornamental and functional vines where a close screen or shade is desired is the wild cucumber or balsam apple (Echinocystis lobata). Its rapid growth, as much