Ten Weeds Nation Worst Robbers Killers

Weed Killers

The finger was put on the nation’s ten top public enemy weeds today in an appeal for cooperation with enforcement agencies in fighting outlaw weeds and shrubs.  The U. S.

Bush Bindweed


The bush bindweed (Convolvulus cneorum), a morning glory from the Mediterranean, is one of the best-loved small shrubs in Pacific Coast gardens.  It is cherished for its wealth of bloom,

Can Your Hoe Kill Weeds Effectively?

Hoe Killing Weeds

Home gardeners are always interested in the mere mention of chemical weed killers.  Certainly, one would suspect that the millennium had arrived were it possible to spray some chemicals on

Are Weeds Friends or Foes?


It is always stimulating to explode beliefs hoary with age. So here goes another. Weeds are not all bad. Many of the ones well known to us are important and

How To Effectively Use Weed Killers

Weed Killers

Many ways have been tried to eradicate poison ivy. Spraying with chemicals appears to be the most satisfactory.  Of the many chemicals tried, ammonium sulfa-mate and 2, 4, and 5

Weeds Are Here To Stay – Deal With It

weeds here to stay

Weed killers used extensively today in an attempt to offset the great agricultural losses caused yearly by weeds. Some writers would almost lead us to believe that weeds are on their

How To Kill Horsetail Weeds

Horsetail in the Lawn

Horsetail (Equisetum spp.) is a rugged weed that resists such tried and true herbicides as Roundup. It is no wonder you want to know “How to kill horsetail weeds.” The