The white baneberry, Actaea alba (pachypoda), grows wild in moist, rich woods from Canada to Georgia and west as far as Oklahoma.  The plant is also known as snakeberry, necklace

How To Make Wildflower Arrangements?

wildflower arrangements

As we motor through the countryside, drifts of gold, purple, orange, and blue meet our eyes at every turn. With these glorious flowers blooming along our roadsides, no one need

For Easy Gardening Try These Wild Flowers

easy gardening try these wild flowers

Gardening with native plants is simple gardening. There’s seldom reason to think about winter-killing, severe insect or disease damage, fertilizers, or cultivation. While you probably won’t feel a change to

Our House Of Flowers

house of flowers

We did not know what to call it because the word “greenhouse” sounded so commercially spectacular, and it is, after all, just a part of our living space. Then one

Are Cultivated Wild Flowers Difficult To Grow

Wild Flowers

Although certain phases of all plant growth, cultivated or wild alike, may be mysterious, there is assuredly no mystery attached to wildflowers. For nearly two decades, we’ve been growing wildflowers,

Growing Wild Flowers The Easy Way

Growing Wildflowers

Many wildflowers, including some of the choicest, can be grown in limited space and enjoyed at close range without making an elaborate wild garden. In fact, when handled individually and

May Wildings The Blooming Trout Lily

wildings trout lily

Everyone must have noticed the alum-dance of low growing flowers in our deciduous woodlands in the early Spring, but later in the year, after the leaves overhead cast a heavy