Tea Tree Oil – 14 Extraordinary Uses For Your Daily Life


The tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) is a species of the Melaleuca plants which are specifically known for their wonderful herbal actions. The tea tree oil has been used on a daily basis at homes for over the years due to its various advantages. Read on to learn more about tea tree uses.

Uses Of Tea Tree Oil

The essential oils made from tea tree is devoid of synthetic chemicals and therefore it is absolutely safe and healthy to use it regularly. Tea is widely known for its action on cough and cold. Therefore, the leaves of the tea tree could just be crushed and consumed, even before turning them into oil for getting rid of cough and cold. The oil is also a good remedy for cold, especially when taken with steam. 14 other ways to use the tea tree oil are:

1. Massage on skin for acne

One of the main uses of tea-tree oil is for curing acne. The oil can be used after mixing with regular face wash or used in diluted form and massaged gently on the skin with a cotton cloth, for getting rid of pimples, rash, red skin and other problems.

2. Cuticle Curing

The cracked cuticles can be effectively cured by using the tea tree essential oil. When this oil is mixed with jojoba oil and kept for some time before shaking the mixture well and applied on cuticles, softening of cuticles and nail ends occur. The splitting of cuticles is also reduced by this method.

3. Use With Hot Water For Foot Odor

The tea tree oil is a wonderful remedy to diminish the foot odor that occurs mainly due to the wearing of shoes daily. The sweat of the feet is reduced by the daily use of tea tree oil producing good odor. This oil should be mixed with lukewarm water in which the feet should be soaked for about 15 minutes daily before drying to get maximum benefit.

4. Chicken Pox Sore Remover

The tea tree oil is a wonderful remedy to remove the sores and spots caused by chicken pox. Using a cotton swab, when this oil is applied to the sores caused by chicken pox 2-3 times daily, it can give wonderful results.

5. Yeast Infection Remedy

The tea tree oil is considered as the best remedy to decrease and ultimately eradicate the yeast infections. The oil from tea tree and lavender should be mixed in distilled water and the blended mixture should be applied on the yeast infected regions daily to get maximum benefit. Tea tree oil can also cure other  conditions caused by fungal infections such as toenail fungus.

6. Bandage Cuts

The oil of Melaleuca alternifolia has got healing and clotting properties. The oil can be directly applied on cuts and bruises directly and bandaged for some time. Slowly clotting will occur on the affected area and the wound will heal.

7. Calluses Remedy

The tea tree oil can act as a remedy for calluses if used regularly. One needs to put 5 drops of the oil on the affected area twice daily. When the calluses starts to become a soft, it should be removed with tweezers and covered with a bandage after applying some more of the tea tree oil to get maximum benefit.

8. Dandruff Removal

Few drops of the tea tree oil should be mixed with normal shampoo and applied on the scalp to remove the dandruff. Dandruff is often considered as one of the most important reasons for hair fall. Therefore, by acting as a remedy for dandruff, the oil from tea tree also acts as a remedy for hair fall, if used regularly on the scalp.

9. Head Lice Remover

Head lice are one of the most unwanted problems, especially in children. This problem can be solved by the daily use of tea tree oil. About 20 drops of this oil should be mixed with 2 table spoons of shampoo and the mixture should be applied on the scalp and kept for about twenty minutes before washing off daily, until the eggs of lice disappear from the head.

10. Household Cleanser

2 tea spoons of the tea tree oil could be mixed with about 2 cups of normal water and put inside a spray bottle. This should be well shaken before applying it on any material surface. When this mixture is sprayed on any household objects, especially in the kitchen or bathroom, it acts as a great cleanser.

11. Emphysema Cures

Emphysema and other and other bronchial infections are also wonderfully cured by tea tree oil. For this purpose, ten drops of the oil should be put on a steamer and left for about ten to fifteen minutes.

12. Skin Problem Remedy

Seborrhea can cause a lot of problems for any individual and tea tree oil can act as its remedy. Ten drops of this oil could be mixed with one tea spoon of any carrier oil and applied to whichever area is affected, two to three times each day. For using it on the scalp, ten drops of the oil should be mixed with 2 tea spoons of normal shampoo and gently massaged on the scalp and kept for 10 minutes atleast. Ten to fifteen drops of the tea tree oil could also be mixed with the water for bath daily for better results.

Another dreadful skin disease is caused by the methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus mrsa. The infection arise on skin and sometimes can be life-threatening once it spreads to the bloodstreams affecting different internal organs. Tea tree oil has proven to be effective in eliminating harmful pathogenic microorganisms and this include the staphylococcus aureus types.

13. Used With Bath Water For Vaginal Infections

Vaginal infections are common and women find a little discomfort while discussing about them in public or to medical professionals. Melaleuca essential oil is an easy remedy for this problem. Approximately fifteen drops of the tea tree oil can be simply put inside the water used for taking a bath daily. This water when used for bath, acts as a remedy for minor vaginal infections without causing any side effect.

14. Gargle For Sore Throat

For sore throat, one can mix 2 drops of Melaleuca oil with a pinch of salt to warm water and gargle for best results. However, one must not swallow this water.


Tattoo after care also includes mild massaging of the tattooed area with tea tree oil to provide gloss and glamour to it. As per the nlm nih gov site, experts also use this for double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trials. Other than the uses mentioned above, the pure tea tree oil could also be used as a remedy for warts, cold sores, viral infections, sun burn, sore muscle, scabies, rubella, psoriasis, mumps, mosquito bites, gum disease, flea bites, dermatitis, chapped lips, bronchitis, blisters, asthma, allergies, abrasion, bladder infection, skin irritation and many others.