World’s Most Powerful Essential Oil And Immune Booster


It’s been called

“the most powerful essential oil and most powerful immune booster in the world”

What is it? Frankincense

Frankincense is also called olibanum and has an incredible history, dating back over 5000 years. Many have heard of frankincense oil referenced in the Bible.

What are the main benefits of frankincense essential oil and how can you to use it to benefit your health?

Being a natural immune booster, frankincense was the number one thing used as medicine, back in the time of Christ and thousands of years earlier.

In those days, frankincense oil with its powerful antimicrobial properties, would be rubbed it on the body to prevent getting sick when exposed to viruses, bad bacteria and other things.

Benefits of Frankincense Oil

  • Frankincense oil improves circulation and helps heal bruising faster
  • It’s a natural way to boost and support your immune system – If sick people are around you, rub a couple drops on your chest and neck area to help kill viruses and pathogens, keeping you from getting sick.
  • Frankincense is the number one essential oil to fight cancer. In fact, check out this article that looks at the top benefits of frankincense and all the research in fighting cancer and cancer prevention.
  • Can reduce age spots and sun spots, skin discoloration from scarring or from acne, from sun damage or from age spots over time.
  • Mix with a natural moisturizer for evening out skin tones, reducing scarring and anything in that way.
  • Reduces inflammation – frankincense is the #1 natural anti-inflammatory in the world because it contains a compound called Boswellia.

Using Frankincense Oil

For reducing age spots, sun spots and skin discoloration just put some oil on the area can help.

Frankincense can be used internally by putting a couple of drops on your thumb, rubbing it on the roof of your mouth.

Being a concentrated essential oil… you can rub it on your skin allowing your skin to absorb it into your system.

Frankincense is an amazing essential oil to take your health to the next level. For more watch this video for more details: