31 Awesome Uses for Lemon Peels


Lemon is perhaps one of the most versatile fruits known today. Chances are, you are using freshly squeezed lemon juice for at least one DIY project in your home.

However, you are actually missing out on a lot by throwing lemon peels away. Just like the juice, lemon peels, orange peels and rinds of other citrus fruits are useful for numerous ways.

They can help save you on money as well as make it easier for you to do certain tasks.

What to do with lemon peels? Here are 31 amazing uses for lemon peels you probably didn’t know!

1 – Culinary Uses

You’ll discover several techniques in this list where lemon peels can be prepared for eating purposes.

However, the culinary uses of lemon peels are actually much more extensive than those mentioned. Typically, you’ll find that lemon can be used as an ingredient for numerous dips, sauces, garnishing, and the like.

What To Do With Lemon Peels?

Following are some of the things you can do with lemon peel combined with other ingredients:

  • Citrus soy vinegar dipping sauce
  • Lemon and rosemary compound butter
  • Lemon zest
  • Citrus spice seasoning salt

2 – Lemon Gratings

Lemon peels are edible and there are several ways of introducing them in your diet.

Another technique is by freezing the peels and grating them into really tiny pieces. When you’re done, sprinkle them all over your food and eat as you wish!

The citrus zest actually lends a fruity taste to the meal that lets you enjoy your food better. Note though that the pits are bitter so make sure those are scraped off before freezing.

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3 – Lemon Ice Cubes

Try making ice cubes from lemon infused water.

Fill a pot with hot water and just dump all your lemon peels inside, leaving it for an hour until you’re sure the lemon is completely infused in the water.

Use this for your juices and you’ll enjoy a completely different taste for each mixture.

4 – Skin Toner

After a hard day outdoors, grab some lemon peels and gently rub them on your face, carefully squeezing the peel so that a bit of juice will come out.

This not only tones the skin, it also helps brighten the surface and clean the pores. Wash out with warm water afterwards and enjoy the new smoothness of your face!

5 – Lemon Snack

Lemon peels are edible and actually help control any cravings you might have. There are lots of lemon peel recipes out today, but the simplest one involves this preparation.

Be aware that lots of sugar is being used in this recipe so if you’re trying to avoid weight gain, don’t eat too much of this!

6 – Whitens Teeth

When you’re off to a big event, a white, sparkling smile is always an asset!

Just rub the inner portion of lemon peel on your teeth to get an instant shine! Note though that this can cause damage to the enamel and may make your teeth sensitive so don’t do this often!

Reserve it for occasions when you’ll need a really bright smile.

7 – Remove Age Spots

Lemon holds a whitening effect from its vitamins and minerals, which is why it’s included in many skin care products today.

You can rub the citrus rinds on the surface of your skin where age spots and uneven skin tone is apparent. Do this on a daily basis and pretty soon, your skin should look perfectly even.

8 – Firelighters

You can also try baking the peels and using them as firelighters. Make sure they completely turn black before using them for this purpose.

Not only do they work very well for the job, but they also give off this excellent fragrance that just fills the room.

When grilling, lemon peel firelights add a distinct aroma and flavor to the meat which you just can’t match with ordinary charcoal.

9 – Hair Lightening

You can also use lemon peels as a hair lightener. Just scrub the inner portion to your hair to create a lighter shade of color – perfect for brunettes who want their locks to look a little more blond or brown.

10 – Tea Lemon Peels

Yes, you can make tea from lemon peels, and it’s delicious to boot! To do this, just dry the lemon peels and use them for tea the way you would dry leaves.

For those who want the drying done quickly, an oven should be able to do the job at 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Store them in a cool and dry place afterwards to be used for lemon peel tea making whenever you wish!

11 – Simmering Water

Let’s say you’re cooking something on the pot and the water is just simmering.

Place some lemon peels on top of the pot and this will bring about a sweet smelling scent all over the room! This would be better than the vanilla technique!

12 – Lemon Soak

Boil lemon peels in water and add olive oil and almond milk into the mix. Pour in some cold water to make the temperature more bearable for your feet. Soak and enjoy the experience of the lemon oil – but is actually the combination of ingredients that will help your feet relax and soften the skin.

13 – Hard Water Stains

If your faucet or sink is stained with white materials coming from hard water, it’s time to do a completely clean up!

Freshly peeled lemons will take care of the problem – just rub them on the surface of the stainless steel to remove the white covering. Note though that if it has been there long, you might need to repeat the process several times.

The good news is that lemon peel makes the faucet shine so make sure to rub it all over!

14 – Remove Hand Stains

Say you just ate lots of berries and your hand is now stained with the blue color all over.

Grab some lemon peel and star scrubbing. The citric acid will take care of the stain and leave your hand feeling fresh and citrus fragrance. From there, you can use any type of hand soap to get rid of the tingly effect left by the lemon.

15 – Anti Dandruff

Rub lemon peel all over your scalp, making sure that it reaches problematic areas where dandruff typically comes out. Do this repeatedly for several days or even weeks until the problem is resolved.

16 – Scaly Elbow Treatment

A bit unorthodox, but you’ll be surprised at how well this works! Once you’ve cut the lemon in half and removed the juice, put some baking soda into the lemon halves, making sure that they stick on the walls of the fruit. Remember: this is one of the few lemon peel tricks where keeping the pulp and pit intact is a good thing. Stick your elbows inside for a few minutes and rinse for smoothness.

17 – Ant Pests

Is your home constantly being invaded by ants, roaches, and fleas?

Lemon peels are their natural enemy – somehow, these pests do not really like the smell of lemon and will avoid it at all costs.

Try placing some of the lemon peels in areas where these pests tend to hang out or whatever passage they use to enter your home.

Of course, you can always spray some lemon juice on these areas but this can harm the paint in your walls! Lemon peel would be a safer option.

18 – All-Purpose Cleaner

Works by removing grease and bacteria, lemon rinds are as effective as lemon juice for all around household cleaning.

Just soak the peel in water for about two weeks together with white vinegar. Once the two weeks is over, combine one part of the lemon-vinegar mix with one part water and just start cleaning all over the house with this concoction!

This works best for glass windows, effectively getting rid of any grease and stains on the surface.

19 – Dog and Cat Repellant

If you have a garden that seems to be a favorite spot of dogs and cats, using lemon peels can help deter them from ravaging the vegetables.

Just combine some old coffee grounds with lemon peel and scatter them around your plants. The combination of these two scents will prevent animals from coming plus, it also works as an organic fertilizer for your plants!

20 – Chrome and Copper Polish

Lemon doesn’t just work with stainless steel – it also brings back the shine to copper and polish. Just rub the lemon peel on the stained surface and make your dishware look as good as new!

21 – No More Fruit Browning

If you’re the type of person who constantly wants ready-cut fruits for making shakes, then lemon-peel soaked water would be very useful addition.

Just combine lemon peels and water, place cut-up fruit parts inside and keep them in the fridge for as long as needed! This prevents them from browning plus, it actually gives a citrusy taste to your shake.

22 – Kettle, Coffee Pot, and Coffee Mugs

Lemon peel has been known for its ability to remove stains resulting from coffee, tea, and other beverages. To use them, just fill your coffee pot with water, add some lemon peels and turn it on.

The combination of heat and lemon peels should release acid that melts the stain and lets you pour it out later. Follow the same principle with the kettle and mugs.

23 – Car Freshener

Cut up the lemon peel into tiny bits and place them inside a stocking. Place it on your car dashboard and you have an instant car freshener for zero dollars.

Just replace the lemon peels whenever you feel like it’s not providing you with sufficient scent anymore.

24 – Motion Sickness

Going on a long trip? Grab some lemon peels and keep them in your bag to control the motion sickness.

You can smell the peel or if the sickness becomes too much, you can start munching on these peels. This should keep your last meal down and the trip more pleasant.

25 – Remove Pet Stains

Cats and dogs can get dirty after a day of just playing and lazing under the sun. When you notice dirt spots however, there’s no need to give them a full-on bath.

Just rub the lemon peel on their fur and this should get rid of the problem. This works wonderfully well for white fur, giving your pets an excellent shine.

26 – Clean Pots and Pans

It’s also possible to clean pots and pans directly with the peel. Just rub the peels on your pots and pans, paying particular attention to areas that “dulled” overtime.

You’ll notice that the lemon brings back that sparkly shine to your dishware. Lemon is used in many dishwasher soaps.

27 – Deodorizer

Lemon peels are also a great way to remove bad smells in your dishwasher and fridge. Just add a few of the peels inside and do what you usually do.

Adding the lemon not only removes the smell but replaces it with a clean and fresh scent. This also works for your garbage disposal, garbage can, and anywhere else where a stink happens to be pervasive.

28 – White Fingernails

If you need a quick way to clean your fingernails, rub the inside of the lemon peel on them for a fresher look. This also works well on your feet and should keep you flip-flop ready.

29 – Preserve Brown Sugar

If your brown sugar tends to solidify after a few weeks or even months, lemon peels should help prevent this problem.

Just drop a few peels in the brown sugar container and leave alone. The sugar should stay in powder form regardless of how long it stays in the kitchen cabinet. Make it is only the peel.

30 – Cutting Boards

Cutting boards can be the breeding place of bacteria no matter how well you wash and dry them up.

Prevent any chances of your food being invaded by bacteria through the application of lemon peels on the surface. Just rub the inner portion as hard and as often as you can on the wood and leave it.

31 – Throw Lemon Peels in the Fireplace

Got fresh lemon peels? Throw them in the fireplace and enjoy the citrus fresh scent it will bring to the entire room.

This is great for those cold nights when all you want to do is sleep but sadly, you still have a ton of work to do.

The fresh citrus smell environment should help you stay awake.