Climbing Lily Vine: Growing Gloriosa Lily Plants In Pots

Would a climbing lily vine bring some excitement you your patio?

Maybe add some bright color for a wall garden or something glamorous, exotic or a conversation starter for the front doorstep?

Flamboyant, climbing lily vines puts on unbelievable display.Pin

If so, why not plant a climb lily vine (aka Gloriosa lilies) in pots for portable bloom that will provide color in your garden where color is needed.

Climbing Lily Is NOT A Lily

The truth is this “lily vine” is not a lily at all. The climbing Gloriosa lily grows from a tuber which looks a lot like an Idaho potato!

In southern gardens, the flamboyant, climbing Gloriosa vine puts on unbelievable display.

You can enjoy these exotic flowers with their unique form, crisp colors and delicately ruffled petals which bend backward all in a pot!

When Can You Expect Flowers On Potted Climbing Lily Vines?

Tubers potted up in the spring will give bloom up until frost. And it’s even possible to have second bloom the first year if the tubers are allowed to rest for a period of two or three months.

The big four-inch flowers have broad, crimson-scarlet petals highlighted by bright golden bases. The flowers are perfect for cutting as well as for pot bloom.

The handsome leaves elongate into tendrils that support the plant. Plants grown in full sun will not vine as heavily as those grown in semi-shade and as a result, potted lily vines can be moved readily where needed.

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Potted Vine Lily Care

Tuber Selection: When selecting tubers only choose firm healthy tubers.

Planting: Plant two or more gloriosa climbing lily tubers spaced 2″ inches apart in shallow 8″-12″ inch azalea pots filled with a bagged potting mix or a potting soil of good garden loam with one-third decayed cow manure or peat moss added.

Cover over the tubers with two inches of soil and water lightly.

Support: As soon as the top growth appears, water the plants freely and provide them some support.

Stakes or wire supports, even a tomato cage may be used. I’ve seen chicken wire folded flat and tacked to wooden slat strips. The leaves, of the plants, quickly concealed the support.

Watering and Feeding: Because of many fine feeding roots care should be taken not to overwater the lily vine plants and drown out the roots.

You’ll find better results by watering from the bottom of the pot. During drought periods the plants will require regular watering.

Plants will bloom continuously until frost if watered regularly and given an occasional feeding with a complete water-soluble liquid fertilizer.

Grooming: Keep plants well groomed by removing faded flowers.

Storing Climbing Lily Bulbs

At the end of the growing season gradually withhold the water and allow the foliage to dry back.

Then remove the tubers from the pots before frost and store the tubers dry in plastic food bags filled with vermiculite. Store at a temperature of 55° to 65° degrees Fahrenheit.

Plant Gloriosa tubers any time after a rest period of two or three months. By staggering the plantings they can be had in bloom the year round.