What Is Next Growing Truffles In Oklahoma?


Truffles, subterranean mushrooms, are said to be rarities. They have been found mainly in France, England, and Italy for hundreds of years and have been considered a strictly European delicacy.

More Gardening Tips to Remember

Gardening Tips

A garden notebook is a “must.” Now is as good a time as any to start one. Make a note of varieties you see and like. Jot down all your

Lady’s Bedstraw – A Christmas Herb

Lady Bedstraw

One of the plants closely associated with the Christmas story, and particularly with the manger in Bethlehem, is our lady’s bedstraw, a plant found rather commonly in the wild and

Gourds Unusual in Decorating For Christmas

Gourds for Christmas

Gourds for Christmas? Most certainly, gourds for Christmas!  Gourds: Most Ornamental and Versatile Plant They are one of the most ornamental and versatile additions to the “greens” we cherish as

Look at Love Apples But Don’t Eat Them?

Love Apples

An old-fashioned name for the tomato is love apple. When used by gardeners today, however, it is much more probable that they are referring to a fruit that provides “food

Rosemary, Herb of Christmas

Rosemary Herb

What happened to the rosemary that blended its silvery fragrance with the holly and mistletoe Once part of the holiday celebration, rosemary has been forgotten as a Christmas decoration. An

Soil Conditioners — Old and New

Soil Conditioner

Agriculturists have long appreciated the important influence that the physical condition of soil has on plant growth. Old English expressions still commonly used in England refer to land as being

How To Use Compost: Lawn Trees, and Garden

How to Use Compost

For thousands of years, gardeners have been piling organic wastes—weeds, leaves, grass clippings, manures —in heaps to decompose into soil-enriching compost. In a compost heap, dead materials are transformed into