Lime Some Call It Chalk Others Hate It

Lime Chalk

When he first sees the white cliffs of Dover gleaming in the distance, the bosom of the homecoming Englishman is supposed to swell with pride.  Mine does not. It swells

What Are Golden Age Gardeners?

Golden Age Gardeners

Senior citizens who reside in Cleveland, Ohio’s Golden Age Center, are helping to develop a great arboretum in the nearby community of Mentor.  “Never too old to learn” is the

For Gardeners Without Gardens

Gardeners Without Garden

Consider the plight of a gardener without a garden. Many of them—at least a dozen in my town—long to plunge their hands into the soil but, alas, no soil!  They

Wage War on Vegetable Enemies

Vegetable Enemies

If you keep a watchful eye for signs of trouble and have a well-stocked pesticide shelf to draw upon at a moment’s notice, insects and diseases will have difficulty trying

What Is A Late Late Vegetable Show

Vegetable Show

Come to a killing frost, and most vegetable gardens are given the cold shoulder by their owners and the weather.  Yet there is a long list of vegetables you can

How to Water Your Garden

Watering Garden

Wherever you garden in the U.S., you are almost bound to face a summer that brings one or more dry spells. In some sections, you must garden through long-lasting droughts,

Facts About Soil For Beginners

Facts about Soil

Soil, the basic stuff of life, consists of the upper layer of the earth in which plants grow and obtain their food. It is formed by physical and chemical weathering

The True French Tarragon

true french tarragon

Everyone who contemplates a few herbs in the garden wants to grow tarragon. However, beginners may not know that the desired form is the French tarragon, sometimes called “estragon.” It