Home Greenhouses For Growing All Year

Are you missing out on the fun of greenhouse gardening – growing anything you like, from annuals to orchids, all year-’round because you fear the cost? Or because you think it would take more time than you can spare? Or because you don’t think you have a suitable spot for a greenhouse anyway? 

If so, here’s news for you: a greenhouse can be bought for the price of a good television set.

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An automatically controlled one takes 4 or 5 hours of your time a week; greenhouses come in sizes and shapes suitable for any home property.

Pre-fabricated Greenhouse

Any handyman can assemble pre-fabricated greenhouses with either straight or slanted sides. All parts, including glass, are cut to fit, and no putty glazing is necessary. 

Materials for a greenhouse 5 by 10 feet start at between $150 and $200 and range upward for greenhouses measuring up to 13 by 26 feet.

The foundation on which the greenhouse rests may be constructed of concrete or cinder blocks, poured concrete, hollow tile with a stucco finish, brick, or clapboard. 

Depending on the size of the greenhouse, the material used, and labor costs, the foundation will cost from $75 to $400. Plant benches can be constructed or purchased from $25 to $75.

A greenhouse within 50′ feet of the dwelling can be heated by the same boiler that heats the house. If you have warm air heat or, for some other reason, can’t rig up the boiler to the greenhouse, you can obtain electric, oil, or gas heating units with thermostatic control from $50 to $80. 

A complete automatic oil burner unit made especially for home greenhouses would range from $600 to $800.

Fuel costs depend on the size of the greenhouse, type of heating unit, and minimum temperature maintained; the general range is $50 to $150 a year.

Automatic Ventilation

If you have automatic ventilation and thermostatically controlled heat, no one has to be on hand to look after temperatures. Then you can enjoy greenhouse gardening even if a business or other activities keep you away all day.

Four or five hours each week is required to successfully operate any greenhouses shown on pages 46 and 47-20 minutes in the morning for watering and a few hours on weekends. If the greenhouse is also equipped with automatic watering, it can be left unattended for days.

You can quickly figure that from an investment of $400 and up, you can have a greenhouse that will give a minimum of 350 relaxing hours year after year.

Once you have a greenhouse, though, you’ll want to spend much more time in it than that.

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