What Is A Poor Man’s Greenhouse?

Poor man Greenhouse

When I bought my little house in September 1954, the former owners moved out of the kitchen cabinet to take to their new house. However, when the rubbish collector took

Make The Most Of Your Summer Greenhouse

Summer Greenhouse

Two worthwhile ideas come to mind for making the most of summer in the small greenhouse. These are useful crops or tropical displays.  Permanent flowering plants, especially those which are

Can A Porch Become A Greenhouse?

porch becomes greenhouse

Every garden lover, at one time or another, has had a dream of an indoor garden, a heart-warming vision of plants blossoming throughout the winter.  He yearns for the delight

Home Greenhouses For Growing All Year

Home Greenhouse

Are you missing out on the fun of greenhouse gardening – growing anything you like, from annuals to orchids, all year-’round because you fear the cost? Or because you think

Greenhouse Plants…. For Collectors

greenhouse plants collectors

The fundamental fascination of owning a greenhouse is the knowledge that now you can grow rare, odd, and unusual plants.  It is impossible to grow and flower many of these

Greenhouse Plants . . For Beginners

greenhouse plants beginners

If you are a new greenhouse owner and are a little frightened at the prospect of what to grow, perish such fears.  You bought a greenhouse to have fresh flowers

It’s Camellia Time In The House and Greenhouse

Camellia in Greenhouse

Camellias are Asiatic, evergreen shrubs that are cherished for their waxy, long-lasting flowers. Their alternate, toothed leaves are of leathery texture, attractive, and decorative around the year.  By proper choice