Norfolk Island Pine – The Living-Room Tree

Norfolk Pines

Without a little Norfolk Island Pine, it has been said no houseplant collection is complete. It is decorative, unadorned, all year round, and even makes a good-looking Christmas tree dressed

Succulents: The Camels Of The Plant World

Camel Plant

To the connoisseur of beautiful plants, succulents rank as a large group of easily grown floral gems with marvelous color in foliage and flower — brilliant, often so subtle that

Try The Bromeliads Indoors And Old New Plant

Try Bromeliads

For many generations, the Bromeliaceae, or “air plants” as they are better known, have been treasured members of greenhouse anti-conservatory collections.  It is only in the recent years of pot

Bizarre Bromeliads Thrive In Many Environments

bizzare bromeliads

The decorative use of plants is becoming more and more a part of home furnishing. Interiors have become more straightforward and practical, and accentuating plants should keep up with this

Home Greenhouses For Growing All Year

Home Greenhouse

Are you missing out on the fun of greenhouse gardening – growing anything you like, from annuals to orchids, all year-’round because you fear the cost? Or because you think

Roy Grew Orchids From Seed To Flower

Roy Orchids

Roy Fields was a specialist in orchid seedlings. A native Floridian, he makes his home in the village of Miami Shores, where he grows orchids on a plot that is

Indoor Plants For Adventurous Gardeners

Indoor Plants

If you read the advertisements as well as the text in your favorite garden magazine, you surely have noticed the many types of greenhouses offered by the homeowner.  Some are

The Excitement Of Growing Orchids At Home

Growing Orchids

We do not recommend an accident as the first step towards orchid-raising. But Major William E. Scudamore of New York City is thankful today that a speeding taxi winged him and