When Your House Plant Step Out

Step Out House Plant

Where are your house plants spending the summer?  Are they still in the house waiting for a breath of fresh air? Or have you set them under a tree—out of

Summer Flowering Night Blooming Cereus

Blooming Cereus

Seven or eight months of the year, the plants called night-blooming cereus hold little or no interest. They are clambering or rangy, sometimes spiny, even unsightly. Then, a miracle. The bud

Patio Art With Sempervivums

Patio Sempervivum

There are types to suit many gardening and flower arranging needs, with sizes ranging from 1-inch S. arenaria to 8-inch S. magnificum, foliage in bronze, red, purple, gray, and green,

Anthuriums The Elegant Flamingo Flower

Anthurium Plant

The elegant Anthurium andreanum, or flamingo flower, has been in cultivation for nearly a hundred years.  Still, it never fails to cause a sensation, whether you see it for the

Fluorescent Lights In the Greenhouse

Fluorescent Lights in Greenhouse

The size of the lights you choose will be regulated by the space you need to light. If it is small, use 48-inch, 40-watt lights in single strips or pairs. 

These House Plants Live It Up Outdoors

Outdoor Houseplants

Many houseplants benefit from a summer spent outdoors. Move them into the open air when the weather is warm in spring or early summer, and bring them indoors well ahead

Exploring Ikebana

Exploring Ikebana

Since its origin, a studied art form in the 15th century, Ikebana has progressed along avenues so diversified as to make it a strong and virile art demanding the attention

Ready-Made Garden Shelters

ready made shelter

You can have a garden shelter delivered to your house in the morning and assembled and ready for use the same evening! Prefabricated rustic shelters have been popular for many