Kohlrabi Easy To Grow Excellent To Eat Raw

Kohlrabi deserves a better place in our vegetable gardens. It is easily grown and one of the finest vegetables to eat raw. 

Children love it when it is peeled and sliced fresh from the garden. It is seldom seen in markets.

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These vegetables lose their fresh, tender flavor and tend to become bitter when they lie too long. 

We took some freshly sliced kohlrabi to a picnic once, and both young and old said, “Be sure to bring kohlrabi every time.”

They are deliciously cooked and buttered or creamed like turnips. The most delicious cooked kohlrabi I ever ate was cooked whole in vegetable soup.

Cabbage Family of Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi belongs to the cabbage family and grows as a bulbous stem with leaves. It is a cool weather crop and will stand a good frost. 

Planting in Early Spring

It can be planted in early spring for summer use and early fall for later use. The plants become woody in hot weather when they grow large.

Plant the seeds in a shallow furrow as you would radishes. When they first come up, they resemble cabbage, but later the leaves become scalloped.


Do not plant seeds too thick. When plants are 3” or 4” inches high, thin to 3” or 4” inches apart. 

They are easily transplanted. Simply hoe and keep weeds-free until the bulbs are large enough to peel and use. The younger they are, the more tender and sweet they are.

44659 by Charles W. Norris